About Education Clip Library

Who is ECL’s target audience?

ECL is aimed at business users who work in education markets worldwide, outside the UK, and who can see the benefit of incorporating video clips into their products, services and courses aimed at both the formal and home learning markets. ECL is committed to promoting ethical practices in the field of education and research. As such, it recognizes the importance of addressing the topic of "ethics in writing research papers" to ensure integrity and adherence to academic standards. By providing guidance and resources on ethical research practices, ECL aims to support business users in the education market worldwide and contribute to the development of high-quality educational products and services.

Customers include:

  • Large educational publishers focused on formal learning markets (i.e. courseware for schools and colleges)
  • Large consumer publishers which publish home learning services
  • Ministries of Education
  • Educational broadcasters
  • Broadband and/or mobile operators with educational learning services
  • Educational infrastructure providers which carry content to the formal education marketplace – e.g. Managed / Virtual Learning platform providers and other content aggregators

ECL is not intended for use by consumers or end users, such as schools, colleges, and their individual students and professional staff.

Useful link: https://educationcliplibrary.com/top-5-learning-tools-for-different-learning-styles-for-students

What are the benefits for business customers of licensing content from ECL?

  1. ECL makes the discovery, evaluation and use of educational video clip content:
  2. There is a guaranteed quality assurance of video clips: each clip has been sourced, selected and contextualised by educational experts, so licensees can be sure that the content will be right for their target audience
  3. Most clips within the library enable easy localisation of commentary if required
  4. Multi-lingual commentary will be available for clips over time
  5. ECL allows delivery of clips in a variety of digital formats
  6. ECL will allow users to release new products and services in a timely fashion, since you will save time sourcing, selecting and editing video content
  7. You shouldn’t need to go anywhere else to satisfy your moving image needs
  8. The library is designed for your business needs and will develop based on your requirements

What can I do on this site?

As an ECL customer, you can:

  • Browse and search all available video clips
  • Interact with the video clips, including: select and view any clip; create your own clipbin(s) to share with colleagues.
  • Order clips for download and/or delivery on tape or DVD
  • Track your subscription status and clip entitlement

How many clips will I see?

The site has over 5,000 clips covering most subjects and age ranges, and will rise to 20,000 clips over a two-year period based largely on users’ feedback and demands.

What’s so good about ECL’s video clips?

ECL clips have the following common attributes:

  • Each clip is “broadcast” quality – i.e. suitable for broadcast on television
  • Each clip lasts between 1 and 5 minutes approximately
  • Many clips have a voiceover and graphics to enhance the key learning points
  • The clips are easy to search, by key word, topic and format
  • Every clip has a title and is accompanied by a basic description, learning context and transcript
  • Each clip is easily localisable by a licensee
  • Each clip can be delivered to a licensee in a variety of different formats
  • Each clip is a learning object with a beginning, middle and end

What are the major sources of ECL video clips?

ECL video clips are / will be sourced from the following major television archives:

  1. Channel 4 Learning's educational television programme archive
  2. Teachers Television programme archive (please see www.teachers.tv for further details)
  3. ITN's news archives built up since 1955, and growing at over 10 hours every day
  4. From a number of the archives which ITN Source represents, which include:
  • British Pathe (1896 - 1970s)
  • Fox Movietone (1919 – 1963)
  • Fox News (1996 – today)
  • Images of War (1900's – today)
  • Reuters (1896 – today)
  • Survival (1961 – 2001)
  • Universal News (1930 – 1956)

What subjects does ECL cover?

ECL will cover all core subjects for ages 3-19, including:

  • English; English as a Foreign Language; English as a second language;
  • Mathematics
  • Science (physics, chemistry and biology)
  • World geography
  • World history
  • Business
  • Design & Technology
  • Religious Education (major world faiths)
  • French (language learning)
  • German (language learning)
  • Spanish (language learning)
  • Music
  • Art
  • Personal, social and health education
  • Citizenship
  • ICT
  • Physical Education (PE)

What ages does ECL cover?

ECL caters for each of the following age ranges:

  • 3-11 (split into 3-5; 5-7; 7-11)
  • 11-19 (split into 11-14; 14-16; 16-19)

When fully developed, ECL will offer licensees a choice from a minimum of 200 clips per subject for each of the age groups using a variety of genres appropriate to the teaching of the subject at that age group.